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'Life begins with lunch
& the lazy journey brings the most memorable views'


- British Guild of Travel Writers

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The First Lazy France Guide opens up the region of  Languedoc

from the beautiful unspoilt historic port and village of Marseillan on the banks of the Etang de Thau Lagoon.

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 LazyFrance  guides always have the last word.

"A new travel book by Laurence Phillips is always a treat. A visit to cities like Paris and Lille without his appropriate guide is almost unthinkable. And he has done it again, with his usual delicious humour and gentle pace, but this time with Marseillan."


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"The principal export of the port of Marseillan

is love at first sight"

Marseillan, possibly France's oldest village, is the perfect base for exploring Languedoc - from Montpellier’s city lights to Herault’s rugged gorges; from bustling Beziers to the vineyards of the back country; From the canals of Sète to the olive oil presses of Clermont l’Herault.

In Languedoc-Roussillon, buy cheese from the goatherd, wine from the vigneron and oysters and fish from the pecheur. Seafood, sea-bass and sole come to Marseillan; the Mediterranean laps the shores of Marseillan; the Sun shines on Marseillan to bless the grapes on the vines and even the Canal du Midi brings barges all the way from the Atantic to Marseillan.

  • Discover superb local restaurants - let lunch slip into supper and kiss your bonsoirs after the third bottle of wine
  • After the harvest - dance with the winemakers
  • Mooch around the markets and swap recipes with the locals
  • Breakfast on the banks of the Canal du Midi, lunch on the lagoon and sip and sup under the stars
From the market that cooks your shopping, to the restaurant where the customers cook the meal to the boat trip to an island where the crew grill sardines at sunset; from the abandonded village with a population of zero that still manages to elect a mayor, to the city that stands in silence at the name of a hero of the French Resistance; from views that silenced poets to a library on a beach, the trails of persecution and faith to simple suppers with good friends: as the BBC says "Laurence Phillips guides you with the infectious enthusiasm of a best friend sharing his closest secrets" and Judith Chalmers once commented "You read, you really want to visit"


Not another comprehensive catalogue of every last monument, mountain, fountain and village,  LazyFrance  guides are written for travellers who appreciate the thousand and one joys of doing nothing.

Instead of a street-by-street survey of the cities,  LazyFrance  guides choose the best place for a lazy stay, where you can walk back to bed from a different restaurant every night, blend into the local scene and plan gentle drives that may never happen

Written by award-winning author Laurence Phillips,  LazyFrance  guides are designed for committed Francophiles looking to spend a weekend, week or a lifetime in sheer self indulgence.

Rather than a 100-page To Do list, a  LazyFrance  guide is a 400-page after-dinner reminiscence of unforgettable days done, memorable nights feted and endless summers that can still take the toasting.

When to come, Where to stay, Where to go, Where to wander, Where to wallow and Where to sit back and do absolutely nothing ... that’s   LazyFrance .

The First  LazyFrance  Guide (published early Summer 2011) explores the Best of Languedoc Roussillon from the delightful port of Marseillan.

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Lazy France guides may be purchased in France or in the UK and of course online from good bookshops and top websites.

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When to come, Where to stay, Where to go, Where to wander, Where to wallow and Where to sit back and do absolutely nothing ...
... that's   LazyFrance

The Lazy France guide to Marseillan photographers was honoured at the British Guild of Travel Writers’ 51st Anniversary Gala Awards Dinner  at the Savoy Hotel in London: the UK’s premier occasion for the travel industry to recognise excellence and achievement in travel writing, and photography. At the dinner attended by over 300 guests including ministers of tourism from countries all over the world, national tourist office representatives, top travel PRs and Britain’s leading travel journalists, photographers and broadcasters, the book was declared Best Guidebook of 2011. The judges said of the winner: “This is in many respects a traditional guidebook that stood out for its quality writing and individual voice. The author shouted out with detailed personal reviews of restaurants and menus. You can almost smell and taste the meals delivered to your table.”